History of Rosel’s

Rosel’s Bakery was named after our Oma, Rosemarie. Though she has been gone from our lives for quite a while, she still remains a woman we all strive to emulate on a daily basis. Rosemarie’s life was dedicated to loving, serving and helping all those around her. She constantly found ways to help make someone’s day a little brighter. She was if you will, a ray of sunshine to everyone she came into contact with.

Rosemarie’s nickname was Rosel and she was famous for her cooking and baking. I can still remember every distinct smell of her house with each meal or dessert she made. Without trying she created a name for herself in her neighborhood. She constantly was making treats and taking them to her neighbors and friends who were struggling, or just because she felt like it. Each treat was delivered on her favorite yellow plate, like her name this plate became well known. Everyone yearned for the day when a yellow plate of treats was left on their doorstep.

Her love of baking has been passed through my mother Karin and now to all my sisters and I. We each have our favorite recipes we love to make that remind us of her. Each of us have developed the same desire to serve and help makes everyone’s day a little brighter through the goodies we prepare. Thus Rosel’s bakery was born with the same ideals that Rosemarie’s legacy created. In honor of her memory we have also chosen yellow to serve as our primary color to help remind us about what it truly means to serve. We hope Rosel’s Bakery will be a ray of yellow sunshine in your life, just as Rosel was a ray of sunshine to us.


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