Rosel’s Rose Cupcakes

cropped-11880681_10207426045160168_3550021657418336962_n.jpgWe tend to do a lot of events for weddings, showers and other similar events. We’ve had to come up with really easy yet elegant desserts. One of the most elegant, yet easiest cupcakes I have come to make are rose cupcakes.

We are huge cheaters! Well not really, but not everything we do is made from scratch. We take a lot of shortcuts especially when we are crunched for time or if we have a lot to make. We often use pre-made cake mixes to help get us moving. I’ve found that the best pre-made mixes are yellow cake mix, or vanilla/white cake mix.

We tend to use the same frosting recipe for all of our desserts, but we change up the flavorings and colors. That’s the great thing about this recipe – its always the same and you can easily change it up just by adding a different extract. You can also use jam to give flavoring to your frosting. It also gives it a pretty color as well.


  • 1 cube of butter
  • 1/2 to 3/4 bag of powdered sugar
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup milk

Remember with the frosting you can add as much powdered sugar or milk as you need to get the desired consistency. Since we will be using a decorating bag and tip you won’t want the frosting to be too thick because it will more difficult to decorate with, but you don’t want it to runny otherwise the frosting won’t hold its shape.

Take a 12 inch decorating bag and fill it about half way full, if you fill it up even more the frosting will leak out of the top and make a mess (I’ve learned from experience). You will want to use a 1M decorators tip. To make the rose start in the center, then slowly move the tip in a circle around the middle point. This tutorial I found on Pintrest helped me, as well as just practicing over and over again. That’s really great thing about this design is that the less imperfect it looks the better!


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